Watercolor Celtic Knots

Summer brings some time to experiment with more Celtic Knot Designs. 

The knots look complicated, but really, it’s just math and setting up a grid with a ruler, protractor, and compass.

So, I’ve been working on different equations to see which knots I like, how they look, and how easy they are to paint.  

Sometime soon, I’ll type up some instructions on how to form a knot. Maybe I can even post a video.

But this month has been all about playing with math and colors. The end result has been: there will be lots of new knot pendants in the store in the coming weeks and probably some prints, too.

Is there are color combo you need for your home or neck? Send me an email to start work on a custom project.


It’s the most fun to use two colors and watch the washes swirl together. Watercolor was a struggle for me in the beginning because I like to control all the aspects of where my paint/color is going. That’s not always possible with the watercolors. Sometimes they swirl one way, sometimes another. But you have to trust the paint to do what’s best. That usually works out the best.

Check back in the next weeks to see how the knot explosion has worked out and pick up a necklace or wall hanging as a special treat!

See you soon!