Best Mother’s Day Gifts

Check out these excellent gifts for your excellent mother – all from handmade creators on Etsy.

Order soon to make sure you give plenty of time for creation and shipping.

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Mug for Mom

Photo Credit: NotVeryLadyLike

Does your mom love elves, wizards, and hobbits? Does she cheer for Legloas or Aragorn? Either way, check out this etsy shop with fun mugs, totes, and tumblers. The shop is well reviewed and you’ll find something super for your mom.

Very cool Journal

Photo Credit: DanielsArtPlanet

We gifted my daughter with a journal like this for her last birthday – handmade, gorgeous. She hasn’t started using it yet because she’s saving it for something *really* special. Get a journal like this for your special mom to record her special memories.

Young at Heart

Photo Credit: Wonder Tales Studio

Does your mom love children and reading to children? If your mom loves children’s literature and pretty things, she may enjoy a locket or pendant inspired by “Where the Wild Things Are.” Check out the options at my Etsy shop: Wonder Tales Studio.

Keep Mom Warm

Photo Credit: SpratlinDesignCo

Look at this adorable shirt! Cool moms still like hoodies and this shop has so many designs, you’re sure to find one that fits your mom just right.


Save My Seat

Photo Credit: MySistersDream

This pillow is one of the cutest things I’ve seen on Etsy – Adorable. Add your dear mother’s name, and you have a completely unique gift. There are other pillow options available, so check it out today.


Photo Credit: WillowWoodCandleCo

If your mom loves candles and old bookstores, this may be the most perfect gift. All the candles as of now are book-related smells, so visit their shop and find something your mom will love.


I don’t remember exactly what first drew me to this painting. Could have been the bright blues, the motion, or the mountain.

I had already painted a couple of lockets with beaches or ocean views, so I wanted to try this wave at this angle, and I really love how it turned out.

I couldn’t quite fit in the three boats, but I knew I needed Fuji. Someday, somehow, I’m walking up Fuji and it will be awesome.

The Great Wave Off Kanagawa

Be Still My Soul

Art Inspiration


The first time I heard the hymn “Be Still My Soul,” I literally cried and texted my two oldest friends to tell them I wanted it played at my funeral. I’m not even kidding. It’s beautiful, insightful, and true.

The version I heard was by Page CXII and you can listen here, although there are several more versions online that are super good.

At our home, to do hymn study, we follow Ambleside Online’s monthly plan. I make a Spotify playlist with a few versions of the hymn of the month plus a couple of other songs that match thematically or musically. We listen throughout the month and learn the lyrics if we can. After you’ve heard the same song everyday for 30 days, you’ve pretty well got it.

Over the course of the year, we are familiar with 12 new hymns. If they are a good fit for our Sunday School class, we learn them there, too. Honestly, pouring deep, meaningful hymns into your life is nearly as good as learning a catechism. When the children I work with come back and tell me a hymn was stuck in their head all week, I know they hymn is doing it’s work.

In my own home, if I can tell my kids are really loving a certain song – maybe they request it or just really belt it out in the mornings- I will add it to our family hymn playlist. We listen to it in the car, usually if we are going somewhere in the mornings and need some peace. A slow, sweet hymn played at just the right moment can calm many nerves.

Then once per year, we go over the whole list as a family and see if anything needs to come off…except for Page CXVI’s Be Still My Soul. That one stays! Mom says.

The Etsy shop has been up for about two months. I have learned a great many things.

1. Use Pirate Ship for international shipping.

2. Lots of people like Where the Wild Things Are.

3. Butane torches really do take care of resin bubbles, but not 100%.

4. Sometimes it’s faster to drive a package across country rather than ship it. (But, for the record, the lady at our post office is super nice.)

Holden Caulfield thinks you’re a phony.

I’ve also found more efficient methods for making pendants. Check in often because lots of designs (that I can’t recreate) are selling out and I’m adding new ones all the time. Lots of Hymn inspiration coming this week, so watch for that.