Family Tree Celtic Knot

Family Tree Celtic Knot – Mother’s Day Gift

I am happy to announce, I am offering custom Celtic knots to celebrate your family tree! You’ll have a completely unique work of art that you can frame and display in your home.  This makes a fantastic Mother’s Day gift – but space is limited, so contact me today!


Family Tree Celtic Knot


Here’s an example of the Hart Family Tree Celtic Knot. Each of my children is represented, including a child we lost (see the tiny gem in the tree?). I would be happy to work with you to make sure your family is accurately portrayed. Each woman’s skirt is the color of her birthstone and, if you want, I can give each man a cap with his birthstone color. 

The woman in your life is special. Show her you’ve noticed how the whole family comes together in this work of art.

A Celtic knot design circles the whole page, and is actually the roots and branches of a tree. Under the tree, you’ll find a simple depiction of your family – mom, dad, kids – and, if you want, your family name and a date that is special to you.

Many parts of the painting are customizable. When you reach out about your purchase, I’ll send a list of questions to communicate how you want your family represented.

I love working with my clients! If you have lost a child or have a blended family, I would be glad to work with you on how you want to portray your unique family members.

Great Gift for Mom

This custom work of art is 9×12 inches and available for $125. It takes about 3 weeks to complete and will be sent to you on archival watercolor paper and in a high resolution jpg.

If you are on a budget and want to print your Celtic knot yourself, I can send a “digital only” knot. I’ll use a knot I already painting and digitally alter it to include your family. This method can still be customized, but does take quite a bit of my time. The price for a digital-only work is $50 with one revision included.

Spots are extremely limited! So contact me today to start the conversation about this gift that will be a family heirloom for generations. 


Happy Inktober!

The first prompt is “ring,” and really, my first thought was something related to Lord of the Rings or an engagement ring.

But somehow my mind landed on the idea of a ring of trees, and here we are. Inspired by the prettiest place in Texas, Mission Tejas State Park, this is meant to show the towering pines seemingly bending over you while you stare into the sky. That place is beautiful and does not have good cell phone service. If I were the type of person who camped, I would camp at Mission Tejas.

It’s really fun to see how everyone else interprets each prompt. I’ve only seen one LOTR drawing and one engagement ring so far. I wonder what else will pop up…

Celtic knots have long been one of my favorite things to draw, although I don’t always have the time an patience needed to complete them…

I love the idea that so many elements can come together to make one complicated image, like in a symphony with all the musicians make something beautiful. With Celtic knots, you can see the unity – and that brings us to family. It made perfect sense to bring family into this picture of harmony and unity. (Not that our family is always harmonious, but it’s a goal worth putting on the wall.)