Reading Round Up – Here are short recommendations for books I’ve recently enjoyed. Some I read with the kids – some were just for me – and some were for a reading group.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases through these links, but I really did enjoy the books and I hope you will, too.


in America by Maeve Higgins

Maeve Higgins is completely hysterical. Her delightful memoir made me laugh out loud in multiple doctor’s waiting rooms. Tune into the NPR show “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” to hear her voice and then, if you need something light and fun, pick up her book today. Thanks to my sister for a great gift.



The Etsy shop has been up for about two months. I have learned a great many things.

1. Use Pirate Ship for international shipping.

2. Lots of people like Where the Wild Things Are.

3. Butane torches really do take care of resin bubbles, but not 100%.

4. Sometimes it’s faster to drive a package across country rather than ship it. (But, for the record, the lady at our post office is super nice.)

Holden Caulfield thinks you’re a phony.

I’ve also found more efficient methods for making pendants. Check in often because lots of designs (that I can’t recreate) are selling out and I’m adding new ones all the time. Lots of Hymn inspiration coming this week, so watch for that.