Tiny Dancer Pendant


We have a tiny dancer in our house – although, to be fair, she is almost as tall as me now. I love the confidence and joy that dancing gives young girls. If you are a dance mom, or just have a girl who dances, she may love a ballet-themed pendant. This tiny dancer pendant will be perfect for her.

This pendant was hand-drawn in a tiny space with micron pens, then scanned and digitally colored. The picture is then punched out and assembled into a one-inch silver pendant. (Bronze is also available.) 

This is a gift that would be great as a bonus recital gift. These girls work so hard to get ready for their big recital day. Show them you noticed their diligence with a nice necklace. All items come in cute boxes ready to give.

The skin and shoe color is 100% customizable to your girl. Send me an email to get one started for you.