Welcome! I’m an artist in Texas. I mostly work in ink, watercolor, and acrylics. Most of my designs are inspired by books my kids and I have read together or from something I was studying to prep for a homeschool term.

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In the Etsy shop, you might enjoy:

Literary Pendants : I love finding beautiful quotes to add to pendants. I try to make designs that are bold and fun because people who like good books and a big cup of tea can be bold and fun. I create my own backgrounds using copic markers, watercolors, and acrylic pens. Take a look and you may find some of your favorite authors – Shakespeare, Bronte, and more.

Ballet Jewelry : My daughter loves dance and the book Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfeild. For her, I have made a few pendants for ballerinas. They are customizable – just send me a message and we can match your daughter’s skin tone and shoe color to the pendant.

Celtic Knot Pendants: I started working a couple of years ago on illustrating a book of Celtic Wonder Tales. You can read about that here if you like. I got sidetracked and started making pendants with knots inside. Check the shop page to see what’s available.

Hymn Pendants: We love singing hymns at our house and I’ve designed a few necklaces based on those classic songs.

Painted Lockets: I paint tiny paintings inside of lockets. You will love them and they make a unique gift.

I also started a project back 10 years ago where my kids would write stories and I would illustrate them. But then, I had two more kids and ran out of time. Here’s one story available online: 

The Fireman Says Hi (2011)

More stories to come from the younger two kids. I promise they will be great.

Commissions are available! If you have a locket or pendant idea, let me know. Contact me at:


We have homeschooled for more than 6 years using the Charlotte Mason method – heavily relying on the booklist/curriculum options at Ambleside Online. Check my blog for homeschool planning tips and tricks. See my best book recommendations – and pickup a good book – at my bookshop.

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