speaking Spanish with Miss Mason and Francois



This term, for Spanish, we are covering a variety of topics. For a general overview of how we use Charlotte Mason’s book, see my post here.

Last term, we got through 21 pages of our book. We spend about two weeks per page.

Next, we will be learning the Lord’s Prayer in Spanish. There are a variety of youtube videos available with the Lord’s Prayer in song. 

The next lesson covers vocabulary you may need to set the table. So we will set the table and use our words. It also covers articles – so we’ll watch a little Senor Jordan for that.

Next up, we will review verbs in the first person singular by moving furniture around. “Pongo la silla…” We will probably use this time to rearrange our furniture.

The next 2 lessons in the book introduce some reflexive verbs and a little 2nd person singular. So we will tell each other what we are doing and find a good Senor Jordan video on reflexive verbs. We seriously love Senor Jordan.

The last lesson I hope to get to this year is about writing a letter – so we will write a letter. My daughter has been working on a letter to her congressperson, so if she hasn’t sent that yet, that’s what we will do for these weeks.



Spanish Resources

Senor Jordan on Youtube

Spanish Interrogatives Video

Padre Nuestro Video


Duo Lingo is a perfectly fine way to learn Spanish for adults. It may help a parent who doesn’t have a background in Spanish. I do not 100% recommend it for children as there’s a “flirty” module that’s not totally kid-friendly.


Online resources are convenient, but there’s no substitute for a physical dictionary. Looking up a word with your eyes and hands on a page really helps cement it in your mind.


Frog and Toad

We read Sapo y Sepo! It’s a fun break from video and verb conjugations. The link above is an affiliate link for Amazon.




Here’s a link to Ambleside Online’s article about learning foreign languages.

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