This is what I’m reading and I’d love to hear what you are reading, too.

For December 2020, one of my current books is Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger. The first time I read it was right out of high school. I remember thinking it was good that I was reading it just out of high school because if I had read it before I wouldn’t have liked it as much. I didn’t intend to read it again. But then…

An online book club that I love, Close Reads, read Catcher early in 2020. After 2020 blew up, I got behind and I’m just now starting/finishing the book.

This time around, as a mom of a teen, I just want to hug Holden Caulfield and tell him it’s all going to be alright. He could come over to our house and have a nice dinner with the family and hopefully he wouldn’t think we were a bunch of phonies.


My 1991 edition of Catcher in the Rye